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Ich bin jetzt anders, sie haben mich geändert Doch ich bin immer noch der Meinung: Es gibt zu viele Menschen Ich kann sie nicht ertragen, sie quälen mich mit Scherzen Doch das Übel an Geräuschen ist das Schlagen ihrer Herzen! Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen! Hört auf zu rammstein halt перевод Seht ihr nicht, mir geht's nicht gut Doch sie pumpen weiter Blut und Wie sie sich vermehren, sie kommen über mich in Scharen Ich kann sie nicht ertragen Versuch sie auszumerzen Es dröhnt in meine Schläfen das Schlagen ihrer Herzen Halt! Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen! Hört auf zu schlagen! Stillgestanden in der Brust Ein totes Herz ist kein Verlust Rührt euch nicht! Niemand quält mich rammstein halt перевод zum Rammstein halt перевод Ich lass' die Sonne an euer Herz Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz Ich bringe Licht an euer Herz Die Entscheidung fällt nicht schwer Ich geh jetzt heim und hole mein Gewehr! Niemand quält mich so zum Scherz Ich lass' die Sonne in euer Herz Lyric rammstein halt перевод Rammstein Now I am different You have changed me But I still hold that There are too many people I cannot bear them They torment me with their jokes Still the evil of noises Is the beating of their hearts Stop! Blut könnte hier sinnbildlich für Öl stehen Das Licht könnte Vulkanausbrüche oder andere Klimatischen Veränderungen bedeuten wie z. B Wind -oder Feuerstürme. For many a song about a misanthrope or a amok gunman There are in the song but also another interesting theory: That this will be no song about a real person, such more our Planet Earth, rammstein halt перевод against the increasing environmental destruction and the people or the proliferating mankind defends itself against its biggest tormentors and exploiters. Blood could be here symbolically stand for oil The light could be volcanic eruptions or other climatic changes mean like wind -or firestorms. Rammstein should rally the Germans against the barbarian invaders. I would say that this song is telling that what drives the person who does a school massacre to do such a terrible thing is often bullying. He goes crazy from it. And they want to make the others keep laughing. So he wants revenge against everyone. Also being haunted by the heartbeats of the invaders. To me, this song reflects the horror of the German will to pick up rifle and drive them off Also being haunted by the heartbeats of the Masters. Wow, talk about hearing what you want to hear. NOWHERE in that song is there even the vaguest, most roundabout reference to immigrants or foreigners of any sort. Dear Maria, Maria I thank you graciously for allowing me announce that I have successfully won this argument. My weapons of choice: the truth and a superior intellect. No, joking aside I will leave the ball in your court by adding — will you agree to disagree? Sincerely, Mr A Indeed, Eifersucht is nicht kleidsam, remember that. Selfreflection is, however, a virtue. Sincerely, Mr A Es kocht die Eifersucht? Be careful not to drown in your self-pity. But yes, I would like to show that at the end of our pleasant little conversation on this page we agreed to disagree and left it there. You naive and spiteful girl, Yours benevolently, Mr A I on the other hand have; with several factual references. Kindest regards, Mr A Dear AA, If you had rammstein halt перевод that and watched this, instead of considering it a lecture, you would have found that those were the examples I meant, so I did give examples. Some kids died in a Californian rammstein halt перевод school today, maybe Rammstein wrote a song about that? It has nothing to do with rammstein halt перевод perception of me being defensive and sensitive. AA Dear sir, We disagree. Nothing wrong with that. Where on earth did I lecture you on being, or how to be, a Rammstein fan??? Is it a competition?? Never have, never will. I simply love them and their music, not in that order persé. It explains a lot and good rammstein halt перевод with that. Kind regards, Maria Dear Maria, I do not have a fixation on the Columbine Massacre and I am not American, I am British. Probably the same thing happened after the media found out that rammstein halt перевод terrorists in the Beslam school massacre listened to their songs on their personal stereos. I have defended them when people have called them fascists by showing them rammstein halt перевод facts disproving their ignorant comments. I have been rammstein halt перевод myself because I am a fan, but this no longer bothers me. But what does is when someone comes along and actively tries to be provocative by saying things which are blatantly untrue, hoping to get an aggressive response for their own entertainment. Yours informatively, Mr I have this hunch that you like conspiracy theories, am I right? Any theories on that? Till pretends to be Meiwes in the song. Maria, this is all clear as day! Rammstein halt перевод Harris even said he rammstein halt перевод bullied in his internet diary and that it angered him. But all the evidence points towards it actually being the case! Yours informatively, Mr A, the land of sanity and sobriety. In Germany the date is written differently than it is here. The song would need to rammstein halt перевод twenty minutes and four seconds long for your theory to hold up. I rammstein halt перевод that there would also be a rammstein halt перевод to the other shooter, or some hint of the intense camaraderie that must have existed between them. This song is about someone who finds the existence of other humans intensely distasteful trying to be completely alone. Columbus was significant in America. You both want it to be about that so bad, so for you, in your rammstein halt перевод, it is. Maybe it is time to check out some German, or even European news, and with that, broaden your horizon. This could be about ány shooting for that matter, and it´s about one man, acting on rammstein halt перевод own. All the evidence is right before your eyes. Maria What does an American comedian know about Rammstein. Plus Rammstein thrive on being controversial and they leave subtle clues like these for fans to discover. They were six friends. Not tormented, not bullied, just crazy. Everyone knows Rammstein distanced themselves from the Colombine Shooting loud and clear, even stopped answering questions about the massacre alltogether. So why write a song about it now? Ich bin jetzt anders, sie haben mich geändert Doch ich bin immer noch der Meinung: Es gibt zu viele Menschen He feels different, they have changed him, yet He still thinks There are too many people. So, come to think of it, this could be about any massacre by a lone gun man. The song can be a reference to school massacres in general seeing that it contains no specific reference to a single shooting. Still, the Columbine shooting is the most likely one see Mr. That was most definitely written by me rammstein halt перевод. Anakin Mr A A You are wrong, see above. These guys who did the shooting were crazy, just crazy. Not tormented, just a couple of sad fucks. These lyrics seem to echo some of what Harris used to write on his website. It seems strange that Lindemann would want to write a song about the massacre rammstein halt перевод Rammstein vehemently denied any wrong doing. This song is about the torment of victims of bullying rammstein halt перевод their revenge. The murderers at Columbine were victims of bullying and carried out a massacre. This song is exactly 4:20 long. The last two English lines for that paragraph should be: No one will torment me for fun, I will send the sun to your heart. The perpetrators were mentally unstable. That would be like blaming the catcher in the rye for john lennons death look that up GReat song really does remind me of Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. Hope this comes on itunes This Song has a really good beat and sound to it, but one thing that has just pissed me off is one particular comment. Kent, Gewehr DOES NOT mean Shotgun. The lyrics are translated correctly as Rifle. I should know, for there is a weapon called Gewehr 43, Semi-automatic Rifle, and I have studied World War II, hence where it came from. The breathy, stammering, mad-scientist voice in the verses makes it that much more believable that the speaker has gone completely insane. Rammstein was accused of provoking agression etc. I love almost all the songs on this CD, but this I think is by far my favorite. Saw them in Quebec in July unbelievable experienceand hope they return for a North American tour soon. Seriously, they need to go out of their way to cause controversy. Can you try to NOT do something like that Till? Not rammstein halt перевод that, but this song is better anyways. It rammstein halt перевод to be about someone who is tormented by bullies then shoots the tormentors and himself. Anyways, great song, I love the beggining were the sound is a bit vague but goes off into a hardcore beat. I like to think of this via Final Fantasy VII. Get ready for WEAPON. It even brings up a point that none of the schools do anything about. Rammstein halt перевод sad but i see it everyday, disgusting somewhat. In Weisses Fleisch, Till explored the mind of a schoolyard psychopath — the kind who stands quietly in the shadows and stares unblinking as you pass by, picks up a stray cat on the way home from school and tortures it to rammstein halt перевод, forces himself on little girls. In Halt, I think, he is exploring the mind of a different kind of schoolyard sociopath — one whose psychosis was triggered by bullying and torment rather than a genetic predisposition. I read somewhere that this song is rammstein halt перевод Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Columbine shooters is it true? I know they loved Rammstein, or one of them did. And have you even read the novel? The only similar theme is the heart which I think Till uses this to say that he is offended that these rammstein halt перевод are even allowed to live rather than a guilty conscience. I think this is my favorite song on the album. And, further more, I see a connection between this song and a novel by Edgar Allan Rammstein halt перевод, the Tell-Tale Heart I recommend to read it, fe. To me, they laugh their jokes because everything is back to normal because they have subdued the person. This could be applied anywhere where a person an outcast possibly is living their life a different way than the majority droves of people and so the majority tries to fix him, subdue him, make him like the majority. The decision that needs to be made is not difficult now, their lives need to end. Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen! Hört auf zu schlagen! I can not, not bear it! Ich kann es nicht, nicht ertragen! Hört auf zu schlagen! I can not, not bear it! Stillgestanden in der Brust Ein totes Herz ist kein Verlust Rührt euch nicht! Think abut it, Stop! Rammstein halt перевод thats what I think anyway. Rammstein halt перевод can definitely see the bullying connection to the song. I saw it as a more general, misanthropic view rammstein halt перевод people. And pretending that everything is alright on the surface does nothing to prevent the inevitable explosion. It speaks of obsession, paranoia, irrational anger and fear, over something as simple as the people around you. Not enough to warrant extreme action, but rammstein halt перевод to understand that, if that pressure never went away, that it could very easily drive a man mad. Schläfen is the plural form from Schläfe wich is the part on your head behind rammstein halt перевод eye, that you sumtimes massage when you have a headache. Instantly some sort of school shooting comes to rammstein halt перевод. Possibly the german school shooting caused rammstein halt перевод bullying at Winnenden, north rammstein halt перевод Stuttgart where 16 people died, and the gunman killed himself. Clearly evident rammstein halt перевод the song, we can see bullying being used as a theme, clearly the person has been tormented, and has been torn apart by this torment. Rammstein halt перевод a rammstein halt перевод interview with Flake was released by the Berlin magazine "Strassenfeger". Flake commented the following about Rammstein's new tour and album: - As of. 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